Tips for effective content marketing strategy

In this digital landscape, communicating with your target audience has become easier. Today’s digital environment facilitates a lot of channels of distribution which allow specific content to reach specific reads. To give you the idea about content; it can be text, image, GIF, info graphics, articles, video or audio.  Content marketing is a  technique of promoting businesses, raising brand awareness and providing something of value for your target audiences.

No matter what your objectives are, Content marketing success requires strategy and forethought. With our expertise on content development, we believe the tips will help you plan a killer content marketing plan to optimize your efforts.

First, be social! Socializing with your audiences on social media needs to be a key component of your digital marketing strategy. You should have accounts on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest depending on your target market.

Second, develop content marketing goal! Before starting with developing the content you have to define your goal. What are you trying to accomplish by creating and promoting your content? Is it brand awareness or Sales perhaps? Or you can do the reverse- set one primary goal for each content.

Third, start with short win! Everybody is trying to copy everybody else, this is the threat of content marketing. You should have your own way of writing and strategy to attract and retain your customers. You can start with writing blogs or Facebook contents for creating brand awareness.  We would like to share the following winning ideas for content creation:

  • Create Roundup Post on trending topic
  • Create and share case study relevant to your product or service
  • Offer value (e.g. discount, special promo-code) for list building
  • Initially, educate your audience about your products/services instead of trying to sell.

*For idea generation, beginners can take the help of Portent at

* Know more at  and be awesome!

For image content take the help of Graphic Designer; if you want to create image post by your own you, you can use free version of Canva and Pixabay.

For great graphic content for your messages contact Astute Horse where the designers are always thrilled to create designs that grab the viewers’ attention.

Fourth, use proper tags! Optimize your content for free by using relevant and proper tags. There are different types of tags you can use for different social media accounts; such as for Twitter use relevant hashtags and follow the same for Facebook and Instagram; for search engine optimization you have to follow Google’s suggestions for tags. Hence, invest your time of keyword searching.

Fifth, be consistent with your content! Always publish something new on your social media accounts, but be sure it is relevant to your content marketing goal.

Sixth, syndicate your content!  Distribute your content to other bloggers, in return for a backlink for your website.

Seventh, know your customer and pay attention to the analytics!  If you start content marketing following the previous tricks, it’s time to take a moment and know your customers’ interest. To retain your audience and attract the real customer pay attention to the analytics of your content marketing. Afterwards, sail up for content creation specially based on customers’ interest.

Finally, call to action! People generally don’t do stuff unless you tell them to. Whatever the content is you have to put a call to action message such as “subscribe”, “call us”, “read more”, “like our page” etc.

The digital environment changes practically every day, and the speed of progress is phenomenal. So, to be updated about digital marketing and social media marketing, follow us on Facebook at  and our blogs at



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