Website Design and Development in Bangladesh

Why a website

Why do you need to have a website for your business? Well, everything is getting online now a days. You can buy services and even products from your home now. There’s no need for you to go to a specific business place to know about that anymore. To find out the best option available in the market, people just google it and read the reviews and go for that. Right now, each minutes, 70 domains are registered and 571 new websites are created. So, if you ask the question why you should have a website, well, WHY NOT? Even for a country like Bangladesh, now we have more than 10 up and running top online shops. Who would ever thought of this situation in the sector of website design and development in Bangladesh? But, it has happened and there’s more to come.

Cutting Edge Technology

The world of web design in constantly changing day by day. To keep up with the pace, we need to stay updated. Today’s new tech is going to be old in a few months, even deprecated. That’s why at Astute Horse our team of website design and development always goes with all the latest technologies that is available today. For instance, we use HTML5, CSS3, latest JavaScript and its libraries etc. Website Design and development in Bangladesh is quite competitive now and to be a top name in that list we have to stay updated.

Responsive Web Design

Gone the days where people used to have different websites for different devices. One starting with for web, one started with for mobile and so on. Now, you make one website and that is enough to be compatible with all the devices available in the market today. And the most important fact about having a responsive site is that when people search for any terms in google only the sites that are compatible with all devices (also called mobile friendly) appears top on google search rankings. According to Independent UK, there are currently more gadgets in the world than people. So, you can tell there are more visitors to a website from a mobile device compared to laptops or PC. If we talk about Bangladesh, number of people that browse Prothom Alo from phones is greater than number of people browse it from their PCs.


WordPress is the sweetest name in the area of web development for both developers and the users. It’s not the most popular CMS for no reason! WordPress is the most user friendly CMS now as the features are really very easy for any user without coding knowledge to control the entire website. Currently more than 60% of all the websites in the world are based on WordPress, which is a huge number. Our experienced team of WordPress developers can hand you over a website for your company that you can call it a combination of beauty and the beast. Beauty in the user interface and beast in the backend. WordPress website design and development in Bangladesh has also increased with the number.


WordPress is not the end of our services. We also use the Laravel, a widely used PHP framework for our customers to provide them the beauty of PHP. At Astute Horse, our team of Laravel developers will create a great looking website for your business or personal blog.

We are here to help

Now a days, not only business, people use websites for personal uses such as blogs, travelling, vlogs, researches, social media and so on and so forth. From the stats you see how quickly the world is moving towards the web and that day is not far when everyone will have a website of their own. So, if you want to start off in the world of web development, we are here to help. Contact with us to that we can help you make the next big thing.

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Sudip Biswas is currently working as the Lead Web Developer at Astute Horse. You can use his social media profiles to get in touch with him.


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