Hotel Management & Consulting

We, at Astute Horse Business and Marketing Solutions, have a team of highly specialized professionals with over thirty years’ experience in the hospitality industry.

We believe in your success through innovations in the hospitality sector. Our services range from hotel management to hotel consulting.

At Astute Horse Business and Marketing Solutions, we know that it can be tough to stand out in a sea of competition. So, we hand craft the perfect blend of message for you through our customized hotel marketing solutions.

We provide consulting and management services for your hotel’s operations, food and beverage, human resources, and sales and marketing departments. We have access to and can mobilize highly trained professionals for your hotel.

At Astute Horse Business and Marketing Solutions, we develop business solutions for hotels and resorts regardless of the size and structure of its entity.

Our Hotel Management & Consulting  Services

We coordinate with your national launch and ensure the perfect media exposure and focuses on various marketing strategies for a successful inauguration of your hotel ventures.

International Branding For Your Hotel

We have the resources, expertise and industry knowledge to negotiate and acquire a prestigious international brand for your hotel according to the standard of your property.

At Astute Horse we make your decision to invest, in any hospitality venture, an easier process through our knowledge and expertise of the industry. We provide you with the necessary information and develop the ideal strategy giving you the ability to compete in a very competitive sector. As  consultants we provide very specific consultation services that help you make an informed decision.

Feasibility Assessment

Astute Horse provides a detailed financial feasibility study according to your investment project. This is done through consultation as part of the business development process.

Market Analysis

A hospitality venture is different from other investment ventures and has unique requirements for success. When we look at your product, we not only look at your revenue and occupancy rates but a comprehensive analysis of your brand in the current context of the market.

Marketing Research

We provide services which include market research, analysis and report which is in accordance with current market trends.

Sales Action Plan

Astute Horse plans and executes a sales action plan for the Hotel’s Sales Department to increase revenue and improve its brand image.

Public Relations

We not only provide a comprehensive marketing strategy but also create a Public Relations Strategy for different media platforms and outlets.

Hospitality Training

Astute Horse can provide custom tailored and in depth training for hotel staffs by professional hoteliers.

Human Resource Solutions

At Astute Horse, we firmly believe in increasing human capital value through incorporating best HR practices for your hospitality venture. We have the knowledge driven extensive experience to manage the entire HR function of your hotel or property by closely working with your team.

Professional Training Programs

Our professional training programs create not only skilled staffs but increase human capital value by making leaders who represent integrity and motivate others.

Corporate Support

We provide corporate support in all areas of human resources. Our corporate support includes hiring prospective new employees while managing employee relations with existing ones by providing legal and labor negotiations when necessary.

Workforce Planning

We provide workforce planning in accordance with existing business strategy. We also identify the development needs of internal and external employees including key capabilities and roles needed and create a workforce plan custom tailored for your hospitality venture.



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